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Fast Chain Exchange will change DeFi as we know it today into what we know it could be. Our goal is to create a massive change for crypto . The fastest and most secured blockchain in crypto is now in the making. The evolution starts here with Fast Chain Exchange.

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Multi-Chain Scaling Solution

With full EVM compatibility, high TPS and low gas fee, FAST is among the best blockchain scaling solutions

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FAST supports EVM blockchains (Ethereum, BSC) and heterogeneous blockchain (TRON)


Throughput up to 7,000 TPS and block time down to 2-3 seconds

Locked liquidity

Independent validators across the globe secures the network through PoS consensus mechanism


Average gas fee is less than $0.01, greatly reduces transaction cost

Fast Bridge

A decentralized solution for asset transfers across multiple blockchains, facilitating value exchange

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Fast Bridge supports EVM blockchains (Ethereum, BSC) and heterogeneous blockchain (TRON)

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Various Token Choices

With token mapping mechanism, FAST Bridge supports more than a hundred mainstream tokens

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As the native token of FAST, FAST is the cornerstone for the ecosystem

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Fuels FAST

Gas fees on FAST are paid in FAST, making the token the foundation of the FAST Chain

Secures FAST

Stake FAST to become a validator or delegator, get involved in the network governance, and keep the network running smoothly


FAST is an open ecosystem available for all users, developers, and participants engaged in governance

FAST Wallet

Manage your assets on FAST Wallet


Transfer your assets across blockchains with FAST

FAST Staking

Stake for validators and earn rewards


Convert tokens of the same token group at a 1:1 ratio

FAST Redenomination

Swap FAST OLD for FAST Mainnet

FAST Explorer

The FAST on-chain data explorer

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Build on FAST

Develop projects with Solidity and familiar toolkits

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About Fast Chain

Fast Chain (FAST) aims to provide a decentralized data economy, where data providers and data buyers can exchange data securely and anonymously.
The project also aims to provide accurate, real-time and actionable consumer insights to businesses via Measurable AI.
Fast Chain token is an BEP-20 token, used as the medium of payment for data purchases and user reward programs.